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Alexander Fraser Laidlaw 

Alexander Fraser, co-operative leader, educator, writer (b at Port Hood, NS 12 Jun 1908; d at Ottawa 30 Nov 1980). He worked with Moses COADY as part of the ANTIGONISH MOVEMENT (1944-56) and after 2 years with co-ops in India, became general secretary of the Co-operative Union of Canada (1958-68). He supported housing co-ops while on the board (1959-68) and on staff (1971-74) of Central (Canada) Mortgage and Housing Corp. Retired in 1974, Laidlaw became a conscience and inspiration for Canada's CO-OPERATIVE MOVEMENT through his writings and speeches, while he continued to consult for co-ops overseas. A lucid and prolific writer, he published regularly in the Maritime (Atlantic) Co-operator and wrote several books, including The Campus and the Community (1961), The Man from Margaree (1971), Housing You Can Afford (1977) and Co-operatives in the Year 2000 (1980). 

by Vicki L. Davis,  The Canadian Encyclopedia 2006 Historica Foundation of Canada

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