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"It was offered to us to demonstrate that through cooperative efforts we can better the lot of our co-workers. We have also been given the privilege to show that where all personal gain and benefit is eliminated, greater good can be accomplished for the benefit of all. It remains too for the members of our Cooperative Community to exert their efforts to run this cooperative and make it more useful, and more interesting, for all who live in these apartments" 

-- Abraham E. Kazan, Founder President, 1927-1967 Manager, 1927-1957, Amalgamated Housing Cooperative 

Lois Miller Co-op, from HWY 401, March 1987

Lois Miller Co-op, 234 Guthrie Drive


Lois Miller Co-operative Homes Inc.
Office, Suite 202 - 234 Guthrie Drive
Kingston, Ontario Canada
K7K 6K8

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